Live and kicking!


We are pretty impressed ourselves with our new website that is ‘live and kicking’. Big kudos goes out to Claim Your Aim and bureau Janse for making this site look sexy, strong and daring. We are excited to invite you to take a look and follow our story. Dutchess of the Sea is the first Dutch ladies team (till now) that have signed up for the Talisker Whisky Challenge 2020, which is a greulling rowing challenge across the Atlantic Ocean. In a team of four, we’ll be rowing 2 hours on 2 hours off for 3,000 miles. You might call us mad, or is it simply a mindset. It will undoubtedly test us to the ultimate limit, and doing this for two good causes – ALS and Plastic Soup Foundation – will make us go that extra mile.


To help us in this cause, we are also launching our sponsor campaign today. There is something for everyone – for corporate sponsors who want to be close to the challenge with their brand, to ‘shipmates’ where we will carry your name with us at sea. Every little bit helps us get across the ocean and support these well deserved causes. Take a look and thank you in advance for your support! Spread the word.