Family and friends afternoon 28th April 2019 – what a warm reception

What a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere during our kick off presentation for close family and friends at Deventre Portu, Deventer. A lovely place by the harbour and in the theme of our big adventure. Cakes coffee and tea welcomed our guests and we opened the presentation with a short intro video of the Talisker Whisky Challenge. That way we are sure that everyone knows what we are letting ourselves in for. We shared our own personal stories of how we got involved with the idea and why. It was important for us to bring the direct family and friends together – not only to meet each other and the team, but to understand our motivations and what to expect. A way for them to be part of our journey.

It was also a great opportunity to introduce our first bronze sponsor – Rowiq Advies. The sponsor agreement was formally signed and Raymond von den Benken said a few words about his company and the reason for his support. With thanks to his donation as well as from a few others, we could already fill our fundraising ‘thermometer’ with pink water. The unique measuring meter, made from an old paddle was kindly made and donated by Joris Bökkerink (from Binnenwerk). Nice job!

We opened up the floor up for questions which came from every angle. How safe is it?, what kind of training do you need to do?, what do you eat? and how do you poo? It was definitely interactive and informative. But before we knew it, time was up and we wrapped up with a drink. People left excited and even thinking of fund raising ideas for us. It’s so heartwarming to know that close family and friends are with you every step of the journey.