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To help us in this epic journey we are looking for support from corporate sponsors to crowdfunding ambassadors. Every little bit helps. We kindly ask anyone to join us in supporting ALS Netherlands & Plastic Soup Foundation.


Together we can make a difference! In order to do so we have created a few sponsor packages which you can find on this page. But of course every donation is more than welcome, so you can also navigate to our donation page for a voluntary contribution.

Corporate sponsorship


Partnering with the Dutchess of the Sea provides sponsors with an unusual and unique way to raise the profile of your company. Whether it’s supporting us in supplies & equipment or providing financial support, we’ll be carrying your brand with pride.


We are currently looking for corporate sponsorship towards funding of the boat, equipment etc. to make this epic challenge happen, alongside raising money and awareness for our designated charities.


We’ve created sponsor packages to help guide you on how to become an official partner of the Dutchess of the Sea. We are of course always open to discuss a bespoke sponsorship proposal that would suit your company’s needs. We would be more than happy to hear from you. Please click here to contact us.





As a Diamond sponsor you can totally experience the Atlantic adventure with us. Your company name or logo will be in a very prominant position at the front of the boat, on all our media and on our team shirts. Your company will be the fifth member of the Dutchess of the Sea! You will gain worldwide media attention not only during the event, but also in the run-up and post event publicity.


Dutchess of the Sea will be happy to be at your company or team building event or presentation to share our adventure. And of course you will be our personal guest at our benefit evening and other campaign events that we have planned.



Your company can expect a lot of publicity as a Gold partner. We will carry your company logo on our ocean rowboat, on our website and on our team shirts. We’ll make sure to put you in the spotlight as our sponsor via our social media channels.



As our Silver partner you will benefit from an elevated and adventurous brand experience. Your company logo will be carried on the hull of the boat and on our website. You will get access to our photos and videos, so that you can share the experience further.



As our Bronze sponsor you will be closely associated to our adventure. You will have the opportunity to join in our campaign, be visible on our website, in our social media posts, in our videos and on the hull of the Dutchess of the Sea boat.


Our oars are a significant part of the row. We’ll be ploughing through the ocean with our fibre 2 ft oars that will be pulled about 1,5 million times across the ocean. Your brand can be on our website ánd our oars.



Our wooden partners can join our campaign and have their name and logo on our website and social media posts. You’ll carry our name while we carry yours, before and during rowing across the ocean for a good cause.


Every donation helps and as an appreciation of your contribution, we’ll carry your name in the cabin.
You will be our shipmate throughout the journey to give us the motivation and courage to cross the sea.

Our charities






Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our challenge, donations, charities, website or other things. If you fill in the contact form at our page we will respond as soon as possible. You can also e-mail or call us of course.


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